Dr Mariann Hardey

Social media expert at Durham University Business School, co-director of the Institute for Advanced Research in Computing

Dr Mariann Hardey is Co-Director of iARC (Institute of Advanced Research in Computing) and Lecturer in digital communications and marketing at Durham University Business School. She is a social media professional and academic and the BBC North East commentator for social media and digital networks. Before her arrival at Durham, Mariann read literature at the University of Sussex and later undertook a research MA for which she was awarded a Distinction, followed by a PhD at the University of York.
In her work Mariann seeks to identify and understand how real social relationships are mediated through digital social networks and social media. Mariann is, therefore, a member of a new generation of academics and researchers who have not only grown up digital with technology, but are pushing new research boundaries.
The emergence of social media and resources including social networking sites (SNSs), such as Facebook and Twitter, have created new opportunities and dilemmas for researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses and the public. A particular aspect of Mariann's research is her intent to work with organisations both within and outside of academia. She is involved with several web companies where her work informs and shapes future innovations and develops networks.