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Fiona Hotston Moore

chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser and forensic accountant

Fiona is a partner and forensic accountant at accountancy firm Ensors. She won 'Partner of the Year' at the British Accountancy Awards 2017. She champions the promotion of women to company boards and diversity in leadership, is a board member at University of Suffolk and volunteers as a listener for Samaritans.

Is Free Market Capitalism Still Fit For Purpose?

So, an airline has collapsed in a world where we all seem to be enduring a very bumpy ride. It may come to symbolise more, as will the Grenfell fire tragedy and an apparent disregard for fundamental food safety. But one small lesson to start from might be that we cannot expect to keep delivering more for less money.
12/10/2017 17:57 BST

Driving Ms, But Only Maybe - Saudi Women Behind The Wheel Is No Cause To Feel Smug

Boys are still the ones being drawn to toy soldiers, diggers and lifting equipment however scrupulously they are marketed. Girls still end up with dolls and home paraphernalia. Or put another way, boys work with equipment and girls with emotion, Perhaps that is why women are good team builders: They have more emotional intelligence and empathy to draw upon. Just a theory.
06/10/2017 15:34 BST

Bad Opinions Need To Be Heard To Be Challenged

Unless we acknowledge unconscious bias in the boardroom we cannot address it. One way to acknowledge it is to be stimulated into action by provocative arguments, which it must also be recognised, can take some courage to advance, however aggravating to many. Apart from anything, its forces an issue up the decision making agenda: Shock therapy, if you like.
18/08/2017 11:51 BST

Time For Us All To Open Up About What We Earn?

The time may have also come to consider moving to the Norwegian model where all tax returns are published, freely available for all to inspect. That way we might wash out not just salary disparity issues, but aggressive tax avoidance measures and other financial iniquities of our age that are helping to fuel a sense of society becoming unequally governed.
25/07/2017 15:41 BST

Work: Not A Gig We Can Mess With

It will be disappointing if the Prime Minister, weakened as she is by a cross, confused electorate, fails to implement the reasonable recommendations put forward by Matthew Taylor to improve rights for those 'self-employed' by digital giants. It would send an important signal.
18/07/2017 16:49 BST

Are We Going To Be Left With The Jobs Robots Don't Want?

It is this: good jobs are being replaced by robotics at an accelerating pace and across many walks of life. Now even sleuthing, which might have seemed a sanctuary for purely human endeavour, is being challenged by software. Sherlock who?
28/06/2017 14:12 BST

Mental Health: Action Needed, Not Just Words

It is not the mark of a civilised society to merely acknowledge a health issue exists; and the charity sector should be the fall-back for a health service as rich, powerful and organised as our own, not primary care.
11/05/2017 16:31 BST