Georgia LA

Journalist, broadcaster

Journalist and broadcaster Georgia ‘LA’ Lewis-Anderson can currently be found consulting major technology brands like Google on the British personality of their AI.

Since her career launched with a baptism of fire - becoming the face of SBTV whilst studying journalism at university, she’s interviewed everyone from P Diddy to Justin Bieber for the cult YouTube channel. She travelled to the furthest flung corners of Europe writing underground city guides and making documentaries for shoe brand Palladium, and has been sent to South Africa to do aerobics with Richard Branson whilst interviewing him for Virgin.

She produced and presented huge viral show The Fox Problem. An entertainment concept she conceived with her close mates, initially invested in herself and a live show that went on to clock-up major sponsorship and over 6.1 million views - grilling pop stars on politics and uniting grime stars with astronauts to talk about the future of space travel.

A seasoned live presenter her interview style was recognized by The Brits when she was chosen as their official online backstage presenter, and Apple when she became one of the first UK females on Apple music’s new global radio station Beats 1. Where she stayed for two years heading up their playlist hours - representing British culture to the globe on their behalf.

Keen to investigate the trends influencing her generation, Georgia's produced and presented documentaries for BBC Radio 1 & 1xtra (her dissertation on gay rappers quickly became a 1xtra project), and covers the Surgery - Radio 1’s call in show - regularly. She’s explored pop stars motives in a documentary for Channel 4 education, been a judge for The Guardian’s New Radicals campaign finding organizations empowering their communities in innovational ways, and regularly contributes to BBC 5 Live and Vice.

Death and

Death and Tech

Artificial intelligence can tweet as if you were still here. And we've definitely developed the technology to create functioning holograms of the deceased, it's just the ethics of turning the proposition into a business...
11/11/2013 12:59 GMT
Glamour in the

Glamour in the Clouds?

There's a reason why fashion catwalks are called runways. And couture doesn't get more advanced than flying glamour pusses and ear-popping averse air stewards looking swaggy despite the altitude.
22/10/2013 13:13 BST
12 months of New

12 months of New Possibilities...

I'm not going to be on an extensive alcohol free detox, avoiding sugar at all costs or forcing myself away from my electric blanket at the crack of dawn to worship the sun in a downward dog position.
06/01/2013 11:43 GMT
The 'Nu' Wave of

The 'Nu' Wave of Festivals...

Festivals. It's what we do best. A chance for us Brits to display our eccentricity come rain or shine - and we really don't mind rain.
03/09/2012 17:16 BST
Meditation for the

Meditation for the Nation...

So I'm no hemp clad tofu eater who doesn't shave my armpits, and I don't have ambitions to levitate any time soon (well...). But meditation is seriously changing my life right now.
11/06/2012 17:38 BST
Is Girl Power Coming

Is Girl Power Coming Back....?

No need to reach for the platforms and thigh skimming union jack dresses just yet (although they are still a very strong look - side pony and scrunchy optional), but I can't help but catch a modern whiff of out-and-proud female solidarity as once preached by the spicey five-some.
15/04/2012 15:49 BST