Grant Shapps

Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield

Chairman of the Conservative Party and MP for Welwyn Hatfield
Back To The 1950s Or Forward To 2050 – Will Britain Grasp Its Brexit

Back To The 1950s Or Forward To 2050 – Will Britain Grasp Its Brexit Dividend?

In truth, there have always been favourite areas of the economy favoured and pushed by government. From George Osbourne's backing of self-drive cars, to his financial support for the Graphene Institute - the last government even went as far as to establish the Catapult Programme which specifically singles out half-a-dozen 'pet' areas of the economy for special investment.
28/11/2016 15:18 GMT
To Achieve A Successful Brexit Britain Must Be Fully Open For

To Achieve A Successful Brexit Britain Must Be Fully Open For Business

If there is one thing that all businesses crave it is certainty. Yet, Brexit unavoidably generates uncertainty. And whilst Theresa May rightly says it's our job to make a success of leaving the EU, this will be far easier to achieve and much more prosperous to experience, if we send an unequivocal message that Britain remains fully open for business.
24/10/2016 11:34 BST
When Downing Street Idealism Meets Daily

When Downing Street Idealism Meets Daily Reality

Every administration comes to power with shiny new ideas and plenty of healthy idealism. The abiding challenge for the new Prime Minister's team, led by the very capable Chiefs of Staff, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, will be to find the right balance between focussing on the big stuff, without allowing the new PM and government to appear too diffident about the daily media hubbub.
18/07/2016 16:58 BST
Trade: A Cure for Brexit

Trade: A Cure for Brexit Depression

Let's accept that we are to leave the EU, but resolve to turn it to our advantage. For the sake of all those who despair for our future, it's time to look outwards and start negotiating those Free Trade Agreements. Even if we start this Autumn, I bet we can still wrap them up before a single one of those long-discussed, yet never ending 27 country EU Agreements kicks in.
07/07/2016 09:37 BST
Four Things Britain Must Do

Four Things Britain Must Do Now

The pain of a national EU divorce was never going to be comfortable - particularly in the short-term. Nonetheless, fed up with what people viewed as a less than accountable EU, voters were prepared to take that risk. The long break-up has thus begun. Despite my natural caution and concern about the fallout, today I actually feel overwhelmingly optimistic about Britain's future. I also know that isn't where most people right now. Not yet anyway. Many have criticised the lack of planning for this outcome, so here are some thoughts about what Britain should do now in order to prosper in the future.
30/06/2016 06:56 BST
'If We Lose This Referendum Campaign, Then I'm F****d and I'll

'If We Lose This Referendum Campaign, Then I'm F****d and I'll Resign'

Prime Ministers who are primarily administrative in nature often flourish and are good for settled times in our history. But last Thursday's vote means that the United Kingdom now needs the kind of inspirational leadership that very few can actually offer. As David Cameron said, a new heading requires a new captain. That new heading involves sailing through some potentially very choppy waters, so we will need a captain with real character, plenty of foresight and the vision to carry the nation forward.
27/06/2016 07:53 BST
Perspective on Housing Benefit

Perspective on Housing Benefit Reforms

Our changes are part of the most radical reform of social housing for a generation, to give councils more flexibility to use their social housing stock to the maximum effect and drive down waiting lists.
26/07/2011 11:07 BST