Jackie Leiper

Retirement Expert and Centre for the Modern Family panellist

Jackie Leiper is the Director of Corporate Relationships at Scottish Widows and is responsible for leading the development of employer franchise for Scottish Widows, and managing relationships with key Corporate Advisers and Employee Benefits firms.

Jackie is a panellist on the Centre for the Modern family thinktank which examines key issues impacting household and family finances. She is also the lead spokesperson for Scottish Widows on Women and Retirement highlighting the gender differences in attitudes to saving, lobbying government and other industry bodies.

Jackie had held various senior roles in leading Financial Services organisations such as Prudential and Capita Life & Pensions before joining Scottish Widows in 2010, managing BPO relationships, multi-site operational management and customer relationships.
Is Self-Employment Becoming The New 'Nine To

Is Self-Employment Becoming The New 'Nine To Five'?

With the flexibility of choosing your own hours, it's easy to see the attraction. But new insights from Scottish Widows' think tank, the Centre for the Modern Family, show it may be having a negative impact on family life in the UK.
15/02/2017 11:20 GMT
Mind the Pension Gap - Women Still Trail Men In The Savings

Mind the Pension Gap - Women Still Trail Men In The Savings Stakes

There is no denying that huge progress has been made to close the gender gap in recent years - from equal pay campaigns to pledges from businesses to increase female representation on leadership teams. However, nowhere does the gender gap persist quite as stubbornly as it does within pension savings.
22/11/2016 11:35 GMT