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Jeremy Hughes

Chief Executive at Alzheimer's Society

Why The 'Dementia Tax' Debate Can't Be Over

We know as a new government forms, Brexit will demand much of the attention. But if politicians don't listen to the voices of the 850,000 people in the UK with dementia now we will never reach a day when a diagnosis is free from unjust financial punishment. Public outcry has shown the electorate is united against dementia and won't let this issue lie.
16/06/2017 17:02 BST

The Social Care Crisis Is A Dementia Crisis

With such a huge proportion of people with dementia dependent on social care, we urgently need a solution to ensure that everyone gets the right support when they need it. Currently, many people with dementia feel deserted by the state, and must rely on family members and carers for the support they need.
21/05/2017 20:32 BST

Dementia Is Not a Death Sentence

Great progress has been made on dementia, but that these misunderstandings still put people off addressing their fears shows that we have a long way to go. Now is the time for all of us to tackle dementia by confronting it head on - in Dementia Awareness Week, and beyond it.
20/05/2016 16:21 BST

The NHS Chief Executive's Challenge: Fixing a Broken System

As Simon Stevens makes his first major speech as CEO of NHS England, he has a challenge to change a system that lets our most vulnerable people down. With its' approach comprised of too many disconnected services, our health and care services are antiquated and no longer fit for purpose.
05/06/2014 12:43 BST

Dementia Friendly Fujinomiya

For the last three years Japan has been holding workshops to learn about how best to support people with dementia. It's their part of the version of England's 'Dementia Friends' programme where information sessions help everyone be understanding to those with dementia living alongside them. In Japan over 4million people have attended these sessions over the last eight years.
26/05/2013 23:23 BST