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John Denham

Director of the English Labour Network and former Labour minister

Director of The Centre for English Identity and Politics at the University of Winchester and former Labour MP for Southampton, Itchen
Who Wants Four New Saints' Day Bank

Who Wants Four New Saints' Day Bank Holidays?

Labour has often seemed uncomfortable acknowledging English identity. Gordon Brown strongly resisted ministers like me who wanted to argue for a St George's Day holiday. Ed Miliband dipped in, and out, of Englishness. This may be changing.
24/04/2017 16:49 BST
Labour Needs a New Vehicle to Reunite

Labour Needs a New Vehicle to Reunite England

Nations are created, not discovered. England's future story is not yet told. Labour needs to create a vehicle for the politics of nation building. We need an English Labour movement, with a new appeal to north and south, to unite people and find common ground, and tell a progressive patriotic national story.
11/07/2016 16:38 BST
The Forgotten Victims of

The Forgotten Victims of Terror

Ethnic and religious minorities have faced appalling violence from ISIL forces in Iraq and Syria. But another community has suffered at the hands of very similar ideologues for far too long. Decisions at this weekend's NATO conference may help determine their future too...
04/09/2014 22:35 BST