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Judy Kawaguchi

Judy is a Solace Women’s Aid board member, founder of the Rock Against Violence event and chairs the Power of Solace fundraising committee

Judy Kawaguchi is a board member of Solace Women’s Aid, the founder of Rock Against Violence and the chair of Power of Solace, a volunteer committee that raises funds in aid of Solace Women’s Aid via various events and activities throughout the year.

Children In The UK Deserve A Life Free From Domestic Abuse - You Can Help

Since 2011, I have been striving to fill the budget gap for Solace through a music fundraiser called Rock Against Violence. Now in its sixth year, Rock Against Violence has turned into Solace's annual flagship fundraising event. The event is organised and run by a group of volunteers who share the passion in our belief that we truly have the power to change.
01/11/2017 14:30 GMT