Kaarina Kaikkonen


I'm a Finnish artist who has built several large-scale installation artworks in public spaces in quite a few countries over the years, both indoors and out. The material I most frequently use are old used shirts, donated for the work by the locals of each area. I chose to work with shirts, because each of them has had a warm, loving heart inside it.

It's fascinating to work with different people and observe, through them, th myriad ways of interpreting and approaching art. I believe that a work of art isn't finished until a person has viewed it and interpreted it according to their own emotions and needs.
My Art Was Born From My Father's

My Art Was Born From My Father's Jacket

I am an artist from Finland, using clothes as my main material. I often use old clothes that already had a previous life. Whether it's true or not, I feel that a little bit of the energy of the person who wore the garment remains there, absorbed in the cloth, and then becomes a part of my work, giving energy to the artwork.
30/09/2015 17:34 BST