Kamontip Evans

Stress Management Consultant and Mindfulness Teacher

Kamontip, a former university lecturer and radio programme producer in Thailand, is a teacher of mindfulness mediation and a consultant in stress management. She has studied mindfulness meditation over three decades under several masters in Thailand, India and the UK. She has a Master’s degree in Education and another in the Psychobiology of Stress, where she specialised in whether mindfulness can enhance verbal memory and sleep patterns in menopausal women. Her recently published book, Taming the Truant Mind, is now available on Amazon and Kindle.
Shopping And The Wandering

Shopping And The Wandering Mind

Have you ever come back from shopping with a lot more than you intended? Tempted by the sale, the colours, shape and taste of the products, you bag loads on a whim?! Some of those items, after second thoughts, you will return to the shops and get refunded
13/10/2017 13:09 BST
The Silver

The Silver Lining

I listened to the crying every night but one night I heard the father opposite sobbing. His child was getting worse. Doctors and nurses rushed in, discussing next steps. At that moment, a flash of insight hit me: this pain is universal. It's not personal, it's not mine alone. That's just the way things are.
24/08/2017 15:23 BST
A Fit

A Fit Mind

Pick up a women's or men's magazine and the dominant features will be appearance, nutrition, fitness, work, sex and romance. We want to be strong, fit, healthy and attractive and enjoy our work and love life. We want them and expect them to go right, but we can be in for disappointments when they don't go according to plan. We need a Plan B: a fit mind to back us up.
20/02/2017 14:52 GMT
Of Me And

Of Me And Mine

Finally, our thoughts can consume us. We believe in them so firmly that nobody else should think otherwise or we will challenge them to a heated debate. This 'my and mine' become more obvious when we are angry. If you look at your anger, which part of the body is angry?
20/01/2017 15:28 GMT
Me And

Me And You

A stroll through the woods, colourful leaves gently fluttering down to the ground like the wings of butterflies, the sounds of chirping birds, the sunlight turning the bare branches of trees to glistening gold - the heart absorbs such natural delights, with no words, no thoughts
13/12/2016 13:01 GMT
A Trip Down Memory

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The new academic year will soon be upon us. Some parents will see their child head off for university. You may look at this as freedom-at-last: your child will be leaving home, allowing you to do what you have longed to do all these years. Some of you will fear the empty nest syndrome. And for others, possibly most, a mixture of both.
08/08/2016 15:56 BST
Master the Waiting

Master the Waiting Game

Waiting sometimes seems to take forever. And what do we do while waiting for someone or something to happen? Eat, drink, talk, listen to music, watch tv, bite the nails, send messages, get annoyed, pick an argument with someone, stare aimlessly at whatever is in sight - anything to relieve the boredom and frustration.
06/04/2016 11:20 BST
Love Is All

Love Is All Round

Loving kindness is infectious, a selfless kind of love. It doesn't cost you a penny. All you need is love, said The Beatles. They were right and you already have it. Send it to everyone, to people or animals, to those in pain, hunger, solitude.
05/02/2016 14:59 GMT
Do You Want to Be Someone, Going Somewhere or No One, Going

Do You Want to Be Someone, Going Somewhere or No One, Going Nowhere?

It is your choice: to be someone, going somewhere - with all the fun, stress and strain that comes with your given name and acquired reputation; or being no one, going nowhere, not much fun but standing tall - at peace, with an understanding of where happiness truly lies.
18/01/2016 13:19 GMT
The wardrobe of your

The wardrobe of your mind

How you tidy up your wardrobe is not dissimilar to how you resolve stress in your life. When was the last time you tidied your mind? Left unattended, the mind becomes cloudy and over-cluttered with stress, anxiety and worry.
23/10/2015 17:12 BST


This mind is always making noise - more so when we are not talking. To develop silence of the mind, initially you need a quiet place. Then listen to your mind without expressing any opinion to confuse the matter.
02/10/2015 11:03 BST
Ain't Getting No

Ain't Getting No Satisfaction?

Working on your own mind is like tidying up a cupboard or a wardrobe. You take things out, piling them on the floor and think to yourself: Am I going to get through this mess? As you sort them out and put them back in some sort of order, you feel better. You feel satisfied.
10/08/2015 09:19 BST

Holding on

What do you mean I'm holding on? I'm trying to forget it but the wretched thing just won't go away! That's exactly the point. Your head wants to get rid of it but your mind is holding on - without you realising or knowing why. Eventually your holding on will form a habit and that is how you will tend to react to situations.
23/06/2015 16:20 BST

Those Visitors!

Be mindful of those who come knocking on the doors of your senses: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. When you see something that you like, for instance, or something you dislike, you have already let a 'feeling visitor' through the door.
03/06/2015 14:29 BST
The Pond and the Mind: A Parallel

The Pond and the Mind: A Parallel Universe

When you watch the mind, you will find there is a beginning, middle and an end to each troublesome thought or emotion. Sometimes before you even get to the end of it, the mind will jump onto something else.
18/03/2015 14:52 GMT
The Judge, Jury and

The Judge, Jury and I

It's too easy to judge prematurely. Often we don't bother to find out why others do what they do. Judge them unfavorably and we get irritated, angry, annoyed; judge them favorably and we distort the reality to fit with our preference.
13/01/2015 11:20 GMT