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Kate Dale

Campaign lead, This Girl Can

Kate started life as a journalist working for Dennis Publishing and Haymarket before jumping aboard (and surviving) the first dotcom boom. After creating websites and content strategies for Freeserve and Barclays, the only person more surprised than her when she joined Sport England was her former PE teacher. <br> <br> Currently in charge of Sport England’s brand and digital strategy, she has led the digital development of This Girl Can, the ground-breaking behaviour change campaign that has amassed fans, followers and awards around the world. More importantly, it is successfully encouraging women and girls in England to be more active.
The Sad Reality Facing Today's Teenage Girls (And How We're Combatting

The Sad Reality Facing Today's Teenage Girls (And How We're Combatting It)

Many of us bear the scars of the forgotten gym kit - and the horror of being forced to run about in your pants. Despite tackling triathlons over the last few years I wasn't the most natural of athletes at school and P.E. for me, was an exercise in not being as good as everyone else. Most women seem to have painful memories of school sports.
08/11/2017 15:30 GMT
The Return Of This Girl

The Return Of This Girl Can

The ability for This Girl Can fans to be able to self-identify with those they could see towering above them on the billboards or on their TV screens was what encouraged them to get out and find the best way for them to get active.
24/02/2017 12:00 GMT