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Kate Tunstall

The Less-Refined Mind

Kate is in her late twenties or, (very) early thirties, depending on how honest she’s feeling when asked. She resides in rural Essex with her champion husband and their two young daughters, affectionately known as the ‘Devil Pixie’ and ‘Elfin Angel’ - only one of whom lives up to her moniker…

 Kate established her freelance writing business a year ago, having decided that much like cardboard boxes, office politics are significantly less fascinating to adults than they are to children. 

 Since then, Refined Prose has evolved into The Less-Refined Mind, where Kate can be found blogging about motherhood, marriage, and all manner of mischief. From petty peeves to politics, Kate doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is. As an inevitable role-model to her daughters, she even throws in the odd ‘inspirational’ post in an effort to quell her cynicism and promote positivity.

 Sometimes caustic - but always candid – Kate loves a provocative subject matter almost as much as she loves (good) coffee and (great) cake. 

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Breastfeed? Why That's Makes You A Martyr

So, by necessity, breastfeeding becomes a constant. You could, perhaps, compare it to relieving yourself in the bathroom - because it is as essential, and just as much a part of our lives. It may not be the topic of every conversation, but it's always in the back of one's mind: I need to deal with this situation within the next X minutes, or I will have a problem...
19/10/2016 15:35 BST

Brexit: Are YOU Qualified to Vote?

Ultimately, this is a question for each of us to ask our conscience. As for my brothers and I, you've really no reason to listen to our opinions; perhaps you'd fare better taking note of the tit for tat propaganda peddled by the government...
13/06/2016 13:12 BST

Yes, I Know My Daughter Needs a Sibling

Do you truly imagine I've not considered it? Or, perhaps, do you think I have - but clearly a nudge is in order, and you're the right person to give it? What if I've deliberated, but ultimately decided against it? Are you the right person to convince me I'm wrong?
19/04/2016 17:41 BST

Child Slavery in Britain? It's Time to Lose the Stiff Upper Lip

There are occasions when I find myself wondering whether some of us are too compassionate for our own good. We feel things deeply and we're affected to such a degree that we can't comfortably partake in activities others take for granted. For example, there are particular films which for the most part, we avoid.
05/04/2016 12:34 BST

Have You Thought About Killing a Baby Today?

We are all too aware of the inhumanity in the world around us; the repugnant acts of depravity such as that I describe above. Thank goodness we don't, in general, have to contend with such wickedness in our country.
01/04/2016 12:42 BST

Is It Wrong for Dads to Bathe With Their Babies?

Child abuse is an abhorrent scourge on humanity, of course it is. But am I alone in feeling that this level of permeation is robbing some overly-sensitive fathers of one of the most cherishable experiences they could share with their child?
29/03/2016 16:34 BST

Jamie's Right - We Need to Talk About Breastfeeding

I wrote about the various myths surrounding breastfeeding, which stem from Chinese Whispers passed from generation to generation. Frustratingly, breastfeeding is still widely misunderstood by both society and also by many health care professionals - another subject I raised in my article.
21/03/2016 13:00 GMT

Work at Home Parents Neglect Their Children

I know the furtive checking of your mobile phone - ahem, office - like a crack addict seeking their next fix. Worse - it's often executed under the guise of 'Oh, shall we see if it that's Daddy, letting us know he's on his way home?' Even when it was blatantly an email notification.
08/02/2016 11:18 GMT

Think Your Marriage Is Untouchable? Be Careful

When my husband and I discovered I was pregnant, like every other parent we were delighted and terrified in equal measure. Our daughter was very much wanted, though *whispers* our plan to start a family was not exactly spurred on by my broodiness. Or his.
28/01/2016 17:35 GMT