Kellie Anderson

Cancer health educator, amateur photographer, health writer and food blogger

Kellie Anderson is an Edinburgh-based food writer, recipe developer, blogger, and also a cancer health educator and nutrition adviser with cancer support charity, Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres. On her healthy food blog,, Kellie explores her near-insatiable taste for global food - and bold flavours - with fresh, colourful British ingredients; particular passions include breakfast, greens, home-grown vegetables, Middle Eastern and pan-Asian cuisine. Although her recipes are mainly plant-based, Kellie sometimes goes over to the "dark side" with seafood, chocolate and cheese - although not at once. Kellie has had her food described as "accidentally healthy," which seems pretty apt. Expect more than a little kimchi.
A Savoury Vegetable Cake for

A Savoury Vegetable Cake for Easter

This is an easy and pretty flexible recipe. No nettles? Use all spinach. No wild garlic? Just use one small clove of bulb garlic. And of course use any deeply flavoured mushroom rather than porcini - but if you do you will miss out on the deep umami notes that porcini brings to this.
24/03/2016 15:51 GMT
Rhubarb, Bergamot and Rose Cake for Mothering

Rhubarb, Bergamot and Rose Cake for Mothering Sunday

Of all the cakes one could have - Victoria sponge, cheese, chocolate, fairy, polenta, etc - I do think ones involving yogurt are up there with the best. Not only are French-style yogurt cakes always going to be soft, but they are incredibly straightforward to make. They also keep very well, so are perfectly suited to lunch boxes and unexpected guests. And Mothering Sunday or Easter...
04/03/2016 15:42 GMT
Cooking as Meditation and Veggie Thai(ish)

Cooking as Meditation and Veggie Thai(ish) Stir-Fry

If you enjoy cooking it probably does take you out of yourself, and immerses you in a constructive and productive activity. You mix up a batter, pour it in a pan, whack it into he oven and, et voila, a cake. Of course that's good for your brain - if not your waistline. But I think it is more than that.
24/02/2016 17:35 GMT
Very Veggie Dan Dan Noodles for Chinese New

Very Veggie Dan Dan Noodles for Chinese New Year

Food has always been a big part of Chinese culture, but never more so than at Chinese New Year. Although officially kicking off on the 8 February, feasting and celebrating is already evident in major cities across the world. Lanterns of gold and red, as well as paper cut outs of this year's symbol, the monkey, decorate restaurants, shops and homes.
08/02/2016 11:15 GMT
Matcha-Almond Skillet Blondies and Give Your Detox the

Matcha-Almond Skillet Blondies and Give Your Detox the Boot

Naturally gluten-free and as near-as-damn-it to a healthy but actually nice tasting, and not entirely made of coconuts, avocados and dates, blondie as one could possibly make. Indeed, they have passed the all-important kid and pensioner test. You are welcome.
01/02/2016 15:16 GMT