Kwame Ibegbuna

Mentor. Activist. Freelance Journalist.

I've Worked in various fields that are primarily concerned with protecting, advocating for & highlighting the rights of the vulnerable, primarily as a social worker, housing provision officer, prison interventions officer, mentor and journalist.

I have been campaigned tirelessly to bring attention to pertinent issues affecting young people in the UK over the past 15 years. Recently, I've worked on campaigns around raising awareness on the issue of sexual exploitation via grooming gangs across the Pennines, an issue I have campaigned on for over the last decade. I also assisted the young offenders in Feltham YOI to petition the prison governor to ensure their rights to books were not restricted alongside better living conditions, chiefly around daily access to showers and regular health checks with improved access to medication when necessary.

I have consistently engaged over the past 15 years in street campaigning, marches and raising awareness of discriminatory practice and challenging it. This is borne out of my long held belief in opposing what I believe to be unjust and structurally oppressive policies/behaviour that has either not captured public attention or perhaps even been raised previously.

Integrity and accountability are very important to me. I'm self motivated and ultimately driven not by financial incentive but tangible evidence of progress. This has always been the catalyst and determining factor in both my professional and academic decisions. I am personable, articulate and highly passionate on areas around social injustice and affecting change and I believe my career up to now reflects that. My greatest strengths lie in my natural ability to engage young people and also to understand as well as motivate them, these are all necessary attributes for anybody wanting to successfully engage on successful campaigns on social change and improving societal cohesion.

I've had articles published on race, social and leadership inequality, sports, youth activism & West African politics. I'm passionate about my work & look forward to furthering this via my blog output here at the huffington post.

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