Laura Jane Williams

Blogger at Superlatively Rude

Laura Jane Williams believes that none of us is screwing up like we think we are. She is an advocate for going "all in" on the adventure of your own life; a professional blogger travelling the world, living out a bold, vulnerable and incredibly frank existence on the Internet. She tells tales of sex and love, relationships and the unknown, and personal becoming in spite and because of it all.

Laura is the author of The Book of Brave. She blogs at Superlatively Rude, and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.
I Don't Need a Husband... But Lord, Do I Want

I Don't Need a Husband... But Lord, Do I Want One

We all deserve a cheerleader, a champion, an equal. I've taken it this far, and I've done it goddamn well. If this is life alone, then life in a partnership - a coupling where we make each other better, compensate for weaknesses and amplify strengths - well, s**t. That'd be some life.
20/07/2014 21:55 BST
We Need to Change Our Words to Change Our Worlds,

We Need to Change Our Words to Change Our Worlds, Feminists

Feminism and the celebration of women as part of a team so that everyone can live better isn't about making huge changes with sweeping manifestos and declarations of WOMAN. Feminism - uniting the genders in equality - can be as simple as using language to find a voice...
03/03/2014 15:58 GMT

Nine "Lady Blogs" That You Should be Reading - but Probably Aren't (Yet)

When it comes to kicking ass and taking names, its female bloggers who have it nailed. We excel at building online platforms that bloom into communities that help us to be better: sassier, more focused, kinder, healthier. From fashion to attitude, self-marketing to self-love, here are my top 9 lady blogs that I think you should be reading, but probably aren't, yet.
21/02/2014 12:07 GMT
Sod Saying

Sod Saying "Yes" to Life- I'm Knackered

If you're not used to it, saying no feels really shitty at first. Like you're letting people down, somehow not engaging with life as much as you should be. FOMO - "fear of missing out" - plays a huge part in this.
27/01/2014 13:15 GMT
Why Beyoncé Is My Queen

Why Beyoncé Is My Queen B

'Beyoncé released a new album. It dropped overnight.' Silence. We both let the words sink in... For a Beyoncé fan, aka almost all human beings with the ability to bump and grind, those words stop time, and as my housemate and I stood in our kitchen - her, dripping wet, me, purple from yelling - we listened to and then watched each track.
13/12/2013 12:34 GMT
On Having Casual Sex Without Being an A** About

On Having Casual Sex Without Being an A** About It

Casual sex should be with somebody you actually like. My new rule of thumb is to only shag men I don't mind sleeping over, and am okay with kissing goodbye when they leave. Anyone else isn't worth my time- and if I'm not prepared to make at least that much effort, I'm probably not worth theirs, either.
12/07/2013 16:56 BST
Yes, I'm Internet

Yes, I'm Internet Dating

I marvelled as I saw the tasty specimens with seemingly high IQs and smiles that would make mother buy a new hat. Except. Hold on. Those guys who had viewed my profile hadn't then contacted me. They'd checked me out, and obviously decided that actually no. No, they weren't interested...
03/06/2013 00:06 BST
Breaking Up, Being Single, and Moving

Breaking Up, Being Single, and Moving On

"I'm not happy anymore," they finally say. You knew, but needed to hear it anyway. It's a test: go on. Do it. See if you can hurt me. They do and it stings. Still, you're an independent woman- you've taken bigger knocks than this.
20/05/2013 12:03 BST
I'm Fat, and Still Get

I'm Fat, and Still Get Laid

As a woman who has conducted a very scientific research project into the inner psyche of sexually active blokes (i.e. has shagged around a bit) I say, with the sort of confidence normally reserved for Adele when she's telling Karl Lagerfeld to do one, that no man has ever seen me in a thong and then changed his mind about putting his willy inside of me. Never.
26/04/2013 18:06 BST
How to Make Friends as a

How to Make Friends as a Grown-Up

When we're at school we pick a new best friend every academic year, and that's it-we're set, bound by a mutual love of <em>The Wombles</em>. By our teens we have a 'crew', a 'gang'. At university we're drunk. And by the time we're adults with jobs and responsibilities and families we... stop making friends?
31/03/2013 19:37 BST