Lauren Booth

Journalist, broadcaster, media consultant

Lauren Booth has presented radio and TV series for amongst others; BBC Radio London, British Muslim TV, Press TV and the Islam Channel.
She publishes articles across a wide platform and continues to tour internationally as a public speaker. Her talks focus on human rights, Islamophobia in the media, Palestinian justice and her own conversion to Islam.
Anti Muslim Prejudice Will Have Conservative Election

Anti Muslim Prejudice Will Have Conservative Election Blowback

Zac Goldsmith is also pally with his former brother in law, Imran Khan. A Pakistani former cricketer and politician who has, in his work as opposition leader, negotiated with the Taliban many times. This then makes Zac Goldsmith surely a graver threat (by proxy) to UK security than MP Sadiq Khan.
04/05/2016 16:02 BST
Muslim Hiker or Another

Muslim Hiker or Another Fighter?

I was walking with my children on the heath surrounding Lyme Park, the stately home famous as the backdrop for Colin Firth's wet T-shirt moment, in Pride and Prejudice. It was a breezy morning and my teenage daughters, pasty faced, baggy eyed (from our early start) were in a sulky mood, hands shoved deep into hoody pockets.
10/03/2016 15:08 GMT