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Lord Bilimoria CBE

Crossbench peer in the House of Lords and founder of Cobra Beer

Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE, DL is founder of Cobra Beer, Chairman of the Cobra Beer Partnership Limited and of Molson Coors Cobra India, both joint ventures with the global brewing company, Molson Coors.

He is the Founding Chairman of the UK India Business Council, a Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London, a former Chancellor of Thames Valley University and is currently Chancellor of the University of Birmingham.

Karan is Senior Non-Executive Director of the Booker Group PLC, is one of the first two visiting entrepreneurs at the University of Cambridge; and is a founding member of the Prime Minister of India’s Global Advisory Council.

In 2004 Karan was appointed a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for services to business and entrepreneurship. In 2006 he became an Independent Crossbench Peer in the House of Lords and was appointed the Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea, making him the first ever Zoroastrian Parsi to sit in the House of Lords.

Business Needs To Stand Up Against The Scaremongering On Immigration

It is high time we stood up against the scaremongering on immigration by our current Government. The latest revelations about the inaccuracies surrounding the statistics on international students staying in the UK reveal just how far the public have been misled about the highly-charged issue of migration, a driving factor behind the Brexit vote.
27/09/2017 17:00 BST

For Brexit To Be A Success, Britain Must Overcome Its Suspicion Of EU Migrants

There is a growing trend in world politics to treat human movement as a bargaining chip for political gain. Debates, such as the one recently in the Commons, often overlook the uncomfortable reality that we are discussing the futures of real individuals - over three million of them - who have contributed so much to our economy and culture. .. If we are going to get through these negotiations, it must be in the best interests of this country that we treat with respect the three million EU workers whose work here has benefited our country and helped make us the fifth largest economy in the world.
09/02/2017 08:24 GMT

Project Reality, Not Project Fear - And Now We Must Pick Up the Pieces

The 23 June was not independence day for Britain - it was the day the UK shot itself in its foot. Brexit will hugely damage our economy, our businesses, our citizens, our stability and our standing in the world... In the words of the Leave campaign, it is time for this country to "take back control" from the disastrous mess they have created.
10/07/2016 22:57 BST

Ten Bogus Claims That the Brexit Campaign Should Never Have Made

There may be much that I don't like about the European Union; the lack of accountability among MEPs - no one knows who their MEPs are - and the ridiculous waste of time and money caused by the European Parliament moving from Brussels to Strasbourg for a week each month, are immense frustrations; the Euro is a disaster and we are fortunate not to be part of the Schengen area.
23/06/2016 09:47 BST

India's Growth Cannot Be Judged on GDP Alone

Following his landslide electoral triumph in May, Narendra Modi's first act as Prime Minister of the largest democracy on earth was to travel to the Kashi Vishwanath temple and offer prayers on the banks of the Ganges...
06/10/2014 10:41 BST