Loz Kaye

Leader, Pirate Party UK

Loz Kaye is Leader of Pirate Party UK.

He is an energetic campaigner on civil liberties, Internet freedom and the rights of whistleblowers. He has appeared widely in international media on these issues, with contributions to the BBC, CNN, The Guardian and Le Monde amongst others. He speaks frequently in public on matters ranging from intellectual property to reimagining business models for the 21st century. 2011 speaking invitations have included UCL debating society, Manchester Social Media Cafe, and the MA in Innovation Management at St Martins, London.

He also works as a composer, musical director, university lecturer and workshop leader. His music has been heard all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to Okinawa, Japan. Recent projects have included residencies with GCSE students and shows for Full Body and the Voice Theatre, a professional company of learning disabled actors. He lives in Central Manchester where he is an active part of the political, cultural and social media communities.