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A person that happens to be a "Mum". This blog comprises of mostly laughable moments and sharing the truth about Parenthood. Co-habiting with an English fella, originally from San Francisco but now working in the UK corporate jungle. Jobs other than Mum: Blogger, Digital Marketing Manager, Postgraduate Student, Wannabe Dancer, and Beer Pong Player.
The Truth About

The Truth About Post-Birth

But then I lost it. Where did the overwhelming rainbow feeling go? I lay in bed with my 2 day old son who keeps licking his lips at me. He doesn't love me. He doesn't know who I am. He just wants milk.
17/11/2016 17:20 GMT


The beautiful belly that rolls over your jeans is beautiful. The gorgeous scar tissue that has stretched in order for your perfect yet unperfect child to be alive. To be breathing. To be laughing. Is beautiful. The slightly droopy eye that you try to cover with eyeliner is beautiful.
29/07/2016 12:31 BST
Scientifically Proven Ways to Be

Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happy

Research has found that humans lived a happier existence in past cultures. Back in the day, people who were respected and praised for being a good craftsman, a patriot, a saint, an upright citizen, etc were most happy.
05/07/2016 13:09 BST
Updated CV: CEM, Chief Executive Mum at Household

Updated CV: CEM, Chief Executive Mum at Household Inc

Parents do not get enough credit for having children. Becoming a parent is the hardest job in the world, however companies and employers do not appreciate the skills parents have gained. Especially woman returning from maternity leave or from being a Stay-at-Home Mum - they are considered a done and dusted vegetable head.
01/06/2016 10:53 BST
My Version of 'Knocked

My Version of 'Knocked Up'

Almost a year ago today I found out I was pregnant. As you can tell from the title, my pregnancy was unplanned. VERY unplanned. I say 'very' with umph because in my heart of hearts I do not think I was ready...
22/05/2016 21:31 BST