Michelle Jay

Managing Director of BB&B Events and Mum of 3

I'm Michelle and I am Mum to 3 young children.

I set up my company BB&B Events in 2014 after my youngest daughter was born with an extremely rare genetic condition. I knew that my little girl would need a lot of support, particularly over the first few years while she was having her first surgeries, and I felt that I couldn't return to my previous very demanding job, so when the opportunity for voluntary redundancy came up I decided to leave so I could give my daughter the support she needed.

Whist I love being at home with my children, I had worked in a fast-paced commercial environment for the past 20 years and I have to admit the transition was challenging for me, so I set up BB&B Events as a way to keep my toe in the business water.

BB&B Events organise large scale Baby and Toddler Shows around the UK. We started off with one event, and have expanded significantly over the last six months and now have 10 Shows across the UK, and a further 20 planned for 2016, which is so incredibly exciting! But best of all I can run my business round my family.

I also run a networking community, called Mums in Business, to support other Mums trying to juggle family life with running their own business.

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