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Natalie Moores

One half of Mac&Moore, a brand consultancy with a passion for writing about gender equality, female empowerment and #girlsdonegood

One half of brand consultancy Mac&Moore, set up to either support in-house marketing teams or start from scratch. We allow companies to meet their business objectives through creative and strategic marketing communications. As two women who have set up a successful business in a 'man's world', I also write a regular blog on a variety of topics, but particularly highlighting gender equality issues, female empowerment and all things #girlsdonegood.
#Bloodnormal And The Role Of The Media In De-Stigmatising

#Bloodnormal And The Role Of The Media In De-Stigmatising Taboo

Ah, periods. For around 50% of the population they arrive in a spectacular and slightly alarming fashion in your early teens and then continue like clockwork (my own clock being slightly faulty and terrible at timekeeping) until the sweet release of menopause.
24/10/2017 16:14 BST