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Paul Marshall

Would be multi-millionaire. Would be celebrated writer. Sadly neither (yet).

Once a moderately successful advertising copywriter, Paul Marshall is now in the business of import and export, which he's sad to report isn't a front for something far more nefarious and lucrative. When not working, he occasionally enjoys inflicting his invariably dumb opinions on anyone who's bored enough to read about them. Despite being alive for half a century, he's still trying to find his place in the world. He doubts that this will ever happen.

Could We? Would We? Should We? And Why The Answer Is No

We often regret something we did in the past. A decision we rushed into without being fully aware of the facts or the consequences of our behaviour. An action that with the glorious benefit of hindsight we might well have abstained from altogether. These are the things that once done cannot be undone. Or can they? Before you get too excited, Aston most definitely isn't returning to Strictly.
13/11/2017 12:50 GMT

Should Strictly Have Been Laid To Rest Along With Brucie?

Ever since Sir Bruce Forsyth left Strictly Come Dancing, it hasn't been the same as it was under his effortless old school showbiz control. Having soft shoe shuffled off this mortal coil, what better tribute could there have been for the man and the programme he made his own than if this is where it had ended?
12/09/2017 14:03 BST

Live And Let Lie. Why Daniel Craig Was Always Going To Be Back

Personality wise, the actor has imbued the nation's favourite fictional spy with the charismatic appeal of a past his prime, pumped up gym instructor. This means that any villain has to work doubly hard to compensate. But of late they've simply paled next to former dastardly greats such as Auric Goldfinger and Francisco Scaramanga.
14/08/2017 11:13 BST

Old Age Care In 2017 And Did We Have The Answer To The Problem In 1967?

Therefore, expect the thorny issue of social care to shortly raise its ugly head again and continue to be a major headache for a country that cannot possibly finance its ageing population. On that joyous note, I don't know about you, but from a personal and purely selfish perspective, I hope I live till 120, while milking the system for all its worth.
14/07/2017 11:45 BST

Jeremy Corbyn: Where Did It All Go So Right For The Darling Of The Left?

Ironically, as we're about to leave Europe, we're almost becoming increasingly European in how we view our fellow citizens. As a nation state, if we're not careful, we'll fast be in danger of ending up a more caring, more considerate and more compassionate group of people. It's difficult to say whether these feelings will last - we're also a pretty fickle bunch. As long as they do though, we might well have Jeremy Corbyn to blame for them. Or should that be thank?
27/06/2017 13:35 BST