Rebecca Hobbs

Comedy writer & constant worrier. Rocking like a chair

Rebecca Hobbs is a comedy writer except when doing proper work but is unsure of what her real job title is. It’s something to do with search engines and the internet.

She has written for Newsjack, Recorded For Training Purposes and The HeadsetSet on radio, and has previously contributed to the satire website The Daily Mash. She has also contributed to Britain's Got People

She covers the rock festivals Download and Bloodstock Open Air, but her musical tastes stretch from Frank Sinatra to Rob Zombie.

Having worked for over a decade in motor racing, she keeps her toe in the petrol as a public relations officer for Le Mans team, JMW Motorsport.

Bloodstock Festival 2016: Slay(er)ing The Bigger

Bloodstock Festival 2016: Slay(er)ing The Bigger Boys

Bloodstock has cemented itself into the festival calendars and stayed true to its ethos - By the fans, For the Fans. Its head is not turned by shiny trinkets or evolving into nothing more than a numbers game. Long may it continue, and may the bigger festivals take note.
30/08/2016 15:54 BST
Bloodstock 2015: The Goldilocks of

Bloodstock 2015: The Goldilocks of Festivals

Bands there were aplenty of all the metal genres you could throw a stick carved to look like a skull at. Admittedly, pre-arrival the line-up felt a little odd in places - mainly because you could read the logos of the headliners.
17/08/2015 23:11 BST
Download Festival 2015: Sealed With a

Download Festival 2015: Sealed With a Kiss

Saturday night headliners kicked off with <strong>Andrew W.K</strong> on Third. A packed crowd worked themselves into a frenzy before his arrival, like toddlers overdosing on Haribo. Inflatables appeared, chants of 'we want fun!' rang out.
23/06/2015 10:37 BST
Download Festival

Download Festival 2014

Before a foot had trodden on the hallowed Donington turf, many an armchair promoter and naysayer wailed at the 2014 offerings. With competition from other festivals and the memory of 2013 there was always the expectation that this year would be a quieter one for Download. Well as quiet as a rock and metal festival can be.
23/06/2014 11:50 BST
X Marks the Spot (Of

X Marks the Spot (Of Confusion)

Has our beloved x, a tiny bit of ink that could once raise your heartbeat, been lost forever to be another meaningless scribble at the end of an email from your accountant? Is x doomed to be just (quite literally) crossed lines forever more or will it come back to be the sweetest of flirts?
22/07/2013 13:53 BST
Download Festival 2013: Firing On All

Download Festival 2013: Firing On All Cylinders

The 2013 offering of rock and metal always looked good on paper. In an odd way it almost looked too good, a tantalising smorgasbord of music whose taste would never quite live up to the presentation.
18/06/2013 18:21 BST
Download Festival 2012: Mud To

Download Festival 2012: Mud To Good

This weekend saw the, fittingly, tin anniversary for the <a href="" target="_hplink">Download Festival</a>. The 10th running of the rock and metal festival returned to the Leicestershire village of Castle Donington, the home of UK rock.
13/06/2012 10:14 BST
Whatever Happened

Whatever Happened To...?

When soap stars are interviewed they are inevitably asked about being recognised in public, not as themselves, but as their characters.
13/03/2012 12:15 GMT
Vous Les

Vous Les Boobies

We British know boobs are funny, and usually funny in a schoolboy sniggering way well into adulthood. I mean boobs, just look at the word. I guarantee a fair number of you look at the word boob and see the Os as, well, boobs.
13/01/2012 17:15 GMT