Rev Will Van Der Hart

Pastoral Chaplain HTB, Director, Anglican Priest London, Author, Emotional Health

Rev Will Van Der Hart is Pastoral Chaplain at Holy Trinity Brompton and a founding director of (the UK’s largest Christian emotional health think tank). His interest in emotional health is wide ranging, reflecting his broad experience in a variety of professional and pastoral contexts. Will is an integrative and practical communicator who speaks at a number of national forums. He is passionate about equipping leaders to look after their own emotional health as well as empowering them to manage the emotional needs of their teams.
7/7 When The Dust Doesn't

7/7 When The Dust Doesn't Settle

When 10 years later you still feel like you have dropped your keys down the drain, redemption is a bit more mysterious. I don't find comfort in the comparison between what was and what is, but in the presence of One who shares in our suffering and offers us hope.
08/07/2015 13:54 BST