Rosie Neve

Ex-professional pasta maker and should be-professional eater.

Having previously written for The Independent and AnOther Magazine, worked in a butcher and as a pasta maker, and now travelling the world, I have realised that good food is pretty much all there is to being happy. Together with my boyfriend Jim, we started Chosen Food and have been talking shit about what and where to eat ever since.
The Snobbishness Of Backpackers, Or Competitive

The Snobbishness Of Backpackers, Or Competitive Travelling

So if you want to boast about spending seven pence in three years in Cambodia then go ahead, but I'm sure that maybe it might have been slightly more fulfilling if you hadn't spent all your time thinking about where you were saving your pennies, rather than where you could be spending them.
09/03/2017 16:35 GMT