Sarah Bond

Journalist and Twitterer with a love of TV, radio, theatre, politics, cheese and champagne

After years rubbing shoulders with Fleet Street’s finest, working for the Mirror Group and Daily Express – and before that the Radio Times and Brighton Argus – I'm a free spirit again.

Apart from melting at the smell of printers’ ink, I have always loved writing about TV and movies. I've felt the thrill of working behind the scenes on live TV, too.

More recently I have been dipping my toe into lifestyle magazines and trying my hand at radio.

There's no end to the shows and subjects that grip me – but I like to have fun with them, too!
And the Winner is... Britain's Got

And the Winner is... Britain's Got Talent!

What a whacky week of TV! And the biggest whack came with Britain's Got Talent blowing The Voice right out of the water as it ended the best ever series yet - with a dog winning the day!
13/05/2012 10:47 BST