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Sarah Mehta

Health and curiosities writer

Sarah has settled into new surroundings in Johannesburg after a stint on the London medical charities scene. She gets more sunshine now but watches just as many documentaries as ever.

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The Menstruation Revelation: What Every Woman Should Know

Sometimes a particular invention becomes so ubiquitous that we can't imagine needing anything better to replace it with. This couldn't be truer of tampons. Just like the hot air hand driers in every public bathroom, it's as if the world said, there that'll do, and gave up.
09/04/2015 10:11 BST

It's Time to Rethink Warring Words on Cancer

Cancer looms large in the imagination. The dreaded C-word is universally feared. Warfare terminology may help to evoke support and to give us an important sense of control in the face of an enemy.
20/03/2015 13:11 GMT

The Realities of Not Vaccinating

In our individualist culture, it's tempting to think that the vaccination is an individual choice. But diseases like measles remind us that no person (or family) is an island, and vaccinations are an essential responsibility towards our community as well as ourselves.
16/02/2015 10:20 GMT

Migraine: A Burden on Patients, And a Strain on the NHS

During my first attack my left side went numb and left me thinking I had had a stroke; with no headache I had no clue that the culprit was migraine. An out-of-hours GP sent me straight to accident and emergency.
09/02/2015 13:55 GMT

No Pads = No School

This tragic dilemma has disastrous consequences for girls: a lifetime of poverty, illiteracy, and diminished choices. While condoms are made available free of charge, where are the free sanitary pads to address this disaster for women's productivity and education?
03/02/2015 11:48 GMT