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Sayed Jawad

Blogger and translator; former experience in media and public relations

I was the youngest spokesman of Afghanistan's National Cabinet before fleeing the country under threat of persecution by the Taliban and their sympathizers. Before that I had worked for six years as a media analyst with the British Embassy in Kabul, three years as news editor with Ariana Television Network and for more than ten years as the director of NARRO a local NGO in Afghanistan.
Born in Afghanistan and raised in Pakistan, I have always considered myself a citizen of the world. Fluent in four languages, I find the most tranquil in me when reading history, writing about human beings and listening to instrumental music.

Let's Fight Terrorists, Not Punish Our Allies And Comrades

The people who are being barred from entering the United States as refugees and immigrants or visitors are actually representatives of the frontline warriors against terror. They are the ones who have suffered more than any other group of people and whose brothers and sisters are currently taking arms against the forces of terror from the icy mountains of Afghanistan to the burning deserts of Iraq and the violent plains of Syria.
31/01/2017 17:17 GMT

The Five Cultural Traits That Ensured Donald Trump's Ascent To The Oval Office

Donald Trump has been hailed by friends and foes for beating the odds by winning the presidential election. I agree that the political establishment was relatively less supportive of him and he had to brave his way through, bashing and ignoring many universally accepted values such as human and women's rights, freedom of belief and expression, respect for the disabled and protection of minorities but it is hard not to observe that he greatly benefited as well from the superficial consumer culture of today. Here are five reasons why we should have never been surprised at seeing him win the 2016 Electoral College votes.
11/01/2017 16:18 GMT