Sheila Bayliss

Kindness-based Mindfulness Teacher. Anxiety befriender, perfecting the art of Being Human.

Sheila Bayliss is a kindess-based Mindfulness Teacher & Resilience Coach. She has learned first-hand how mindful self-kindness can transform difficult feelings like grief, anxiety and self-criticism. A mum of one (after many losses), she feels very lucky - and is a huge fan of being human. Sheila teaches mindfulness classes in Manchester, and offers additional resources through her website or follow her on @sheilabayliss on Twitter and on Google+
Four Ways to Make Meditation

Four Ways to Make Meditation Easier

Practising meditation sounds like it should be so simple. But there's a reason they call it 'practice'. It took me several years before I had a solid, daily practice of sitting meditation. That's not to say that I didn't get huge benefits from practising mindfulness informally, in my life - I did.
08/09/2015 11:56 BST
Finding Happy Ever After - Right

Finding Happy Ever After - Right Now

Am I saying I don't believe in happiness? No. I'm saying that mindfulness practice has helped me to discover a different definition of contentment, one which isn't so limited. Here are three ways we can use mindfulness to help us re-frame happiness, and find a little more of it right now.
22/06/2015 14:54 BST
Three Ways to Live More

Three Ways to Live More Simply

As a mindfulness teacher, it's my job to support others in improving their wellbeing, often through discovering a slower pace of life. So imagine my shock when I realised just how far I'd got sucked into the doing frenzy that our culture seems addicted to.
28/04/2015 11:59 BST
How To Be Happy, Just As You

How To Be Happy, Just As You Are

In my 20s, I'd tried endless self-help books in an effort to become someone else. I hated that I always felt anxious and lacking confidence. I was determined to rid myself of these defects so that I could finally be happy.
13/01/2015 14:33 GMT
Leaning Towards

Leaning Towards Kindness

This year I plan to honour the memory of my lost loved ones by dedicating the whole month of December to kindness. In fact, from this point on, Christmas may even be known as 'Kindmas' in our house.
18/11/2014 16:12 GMT

Mindfully Sleep-Deprived

Ever since he was about two years old, he's had periods when he's awake for several hours in the middle of the night. Initial advice from a health visitor was that it must be his back teeth coming through, although it seemed to me like he just couldn't shut his brain down.
04/04/2014 15:21 BST
Not 'Just' an Only

Not 'Just' an Only Child

We have one child. We're not going to have any more. It was a rough ride trying to become a family and we've suffered many losses, most of them before we had our incredible little boy. We're extremely content as a family and if anything our sad experiences have made us all the more grateful that we get to be parents at all.
13/02/2014 10:58 GMT
Do We Need to Label Parenting

Do We Need to Label Parenting Styles?

The downside of defining different parenting styles is the defensiveness that this can cause. Understandably, when we come across someone who does things differently to us, it can make us either want to defend our own way, or convince the other person to try it out. We all want to feel secure that we're doing the right thing because it's such an emotive issue...
27/01/2014 12:07 GMT
Mindful Parenting - Meltdown

Mindful Parenting - Meltdown Rescue

Before you know what's happened, they're pushing all your buttons and your ability to stay calm is being stretched past its limit. But it's not too late for a mindful response. Self-compassion is a mindful skill that can support you in just this kind of real-world situation.
02/01/2014 14:10 GMT