Shweta Kothari

Correspondent for CNBC-tv18 in India

Shweta Kothari is correspondent for CNBC-Tv18 in India. She has previously worked with Bloomberg TV and BBC Scotland.
That Night on the Streets of

That Night on the Streets of England

On my way back home from a party around half past one in the morning, I thoroughly looked for a cab, but couldn't find one. So I decided to walk some distance. Scared out of my wits, I could never imagine doing anything like that in India. Unfamiliar with the roads, I kept walking.
10/07/2014 12:07 BST
Tracing Sexuality in Indian

Tracing Sexuality in Indian culture

It is peculiar that repressing sexuality is a relatively recent phenomenon in India, sexuality was not a taboo always! The first literature on the science of sexuality, the nude artistry in Ajanta caves in South India and the erotic 9th century Hindu temples, are profound evidence in favor of sexual expression, found in both sculptures and scriptures in India.
01/07/2014 16:06 BST
We Must Talk About

We Must Talk About Menstruation

The role of menstruation at the heart of reproductory cycle calls for greater sensitivity towards this biological phenomenon. It should not be precluded from public discourse and discussed more frequently, if circumstances are to change.
24/03/2014 10:55 GMT
International Students: Life As We Know

International Students: Life As We Know It

It begins with thrill, continues in hope and ends in despair. Welcome to the world of overseas students! Like many others, I am currently in the second phase of the journey, trying hard to not slip into third...
10/03/2014 13:18 GMT

Barely Racist?

It was an everyday lunch and all classmates were sitting together to discuss an assignment. Suddenly I said something which made all the eyeballs roll towards me and one of my classmates remarked, "Jeez, are we in seventies"? I didn't comprehend the reaction very well. All I had asked was whether a woman being discussed was coloured.
21/02/2014 15:11 GMT
A Tryst With the

A Tryst With the West

It's been a few months in Britain now and I have had my own share of experiences. The freedom, equality, civility and tranquility has enthralled me beyond words. Never before have I seen a culture so vibrant. I have come to revere the spirit of the Englishmen and developed a deep fascination for the English heritage.
11/02/2014 12:28 GMT