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Solange Berchemin

Columnist for the Greenwich Visitor - Travel Writer - Food blogger

Solange is a Freelance food and travel writer, currently working on a Lake District guidebook which is not a guidebook. Author of London for Expatriates, Writers in Black and White and a few cookbooks she ghostwrote for celebrities but will not name names. She writes a monthly column for The Greenwich Visitor and blogs at Pebble Soup. Solange's articles have appeared in many publications such as BBC Good Food, Trip Reporter, Great British Chefs, Wanderlust, The Sunday Times, The Toronto Star and The Metro to name but a few.
What Do Ancestry DNA Tests

What Do Ancestry DNA Tests Reveal?

The test results taught me that it's really impossible to predict what your DNA profile will look like. I would go as far as saying, "predictions, forget it! In the long run, predicting your genetic ancestry without proof will only make you look plain stupid".
17/05/2017 17:13 BST
Leeds, A City With Art In Its

Leeds, A City With Art In Its Heart

This month Leeds will provide its usual vibrant festive experience but there is an added bonus: an arts trail conceived to guide you around the city center's major spots. The trail features artworks by local artists. It's a journey of arts and magic reflecting on modern issues, ancient beliefs and .....lights.
06/12/2016 12:23 GMT
On The Roads Of Corrèze With The Lancia Classic Cars

On The Roads Of Corrèze With The Lancia Classic Cars Rally

I've been known to use unusual means of transport. I, once, "drove" a car which was perched on a trailer, through the Egyptian White Desert. Therefore, when I was asked if I would like to join fifty odd classic cars, for a Lancia rally, off the beaten tracks in Correze, I didn't bat an eyelid and jumped at the opportunity.
14/10/2016 11:22 BST