Suzy Miller

Creator of CoParenting In A Box

I am a creator of online divorce resources that help keep families out of court, and to evolve from a broken family into an extended family. I am also a public speaker and campaigner for dispute resolution.

My US and UK Alternative Divorce Directories provide direct contact with experts in law, finance and wellbeing.

I am also the creator of the UK's first 'divorce fair' Starting Over Show which supports people going through major life changes like divorce, redundancy, bereavement and other tough stuff.

My partner ended our 10 year relationship in 2003. Our three children were aged 6, 4 and 1 at the time, and it was the most painful and traumatic experience of my life. However, as the years passed, I soon became grateful that my ex had the courage to end a relationship that was not truly feeding either of us and we now have a healthy respect for each other.

It was tough getting to where I am now, and on the way I learned that accessing the right information, support and help both legally, financially and emotionally was essential. My ex partner is a supportive co-parent, living in the same village, sharing the same values and sometimes it amazes me how we got to be in such a good place despite some very difficult times getting here.

It takes courage and vision and a determination to believe in a positive future when life seems nothing but a struggle, but the joy of children is that they provide a massive incentive to make that extra effort. It is not a journey anyone needs to make alone. There are skilled people who can help with all aspects of Starting Over who are there to be accessed via the Alternative Divorce Directory in the US and the UK.

Information and Inspiration are what helped me move forward in my life. I want to make those resources available to other people through the Starting Over Shows, and through the SOS Village resource hub.

As you can see, Starting Over Show, and my online resources such as Divorce in a Box and my Alternative Divorce Directories are more than just tools for staying out of a court divorce – they are a new way of thinking.