Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary (Postal), CWU

The Great Post Office Decline And Deception

Despite massive media deception to try and cover up much wider failings in services to the people of this country by challenging the democratic right of trade unions to protest. We voice our concerns yet again and warn everyone that Post Office services, revenues and product offerings will suffer and continue to decline without a change of direction. The current business plan really is akin to the classic 'rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic' analogy... Whatever your political persuasions, make no mistake this most cherished of national treasures is seriously in danger of becoming a buried national treasure and that is why we are protesting.
19/12/2016 07:36 GMT

The Great Royal Mail and Post Office Swindle

The Royal Mail used to be only famous for one robbery, the Great Train Robbery, now perhaps history will recall a second the great Royal Mail sell off swindle. Make no mistake this powerful engine of civilisation, this most cherished national treasure is now under attack from profiteers.
05/02/2016 12:46 GMT