Torsten Klaus

Parenting Coach, Author and Stay-at-home Dad. I believe in Equal Parenting and Awesome Dads!

Author, Parenting Coach, Stay-at-home Dad. I believe in Co-Parenting and Awesome Dads!

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Dads love their kids! They're not babysitting when they're spending time with their children and they're not just the 'breadwinner' either. Dads are parents. Equal parents. So, it's about time to stop the usual labels and stereotypes. Modern dads want something different. Support. Yes, but what kind of support? We often jump to conclusions, give advice or try to convince people... well, we could change that by just listening, by showing empathy and - if appropriate, we could give feedback.

So, I'm here to talk about fatherhood and about the way dads of the 21st century could live a happy, content and relaxed life. Wanna join me? Awesome.

My articles have been featured in the GoodMenProject, Dads Round Table, APtly Said.

And yes, when there's some time left, I enjoy teaching Baby Massage to parents.