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Will Quince

Conservative MP for Colchester

Conservative MP for Colchester

Solving Our Housing Crisis - The Only Way Is Up?

The recent tragedy of Grenfell Tower will understandably concern many people thinking of high-rise living and is evidence of how we must ensure that new build developments have the latest fire and safety equipment built in by design. We can look to the wider world to cities where these kind of developments are common place to ensure that any move in this direction in the UK uses cutting edge technology and is future-proofed as far as possible.
15/11/2017 07:44 GMT

The Voices Of The Rohingya People Must Be Heard

We don't want to believe that people can be so cruel and inhumane towards one another. Yet visiting the camps, it is hard to not be moved by the horrific treatment of the Rohingya people. This persecution is a stain on humanity and having met them - having seen their suffering - it is our duty to make sure the voices of the Rohingya people are heard.
25/09/2017 16:36 BST

The Government Has Listened To Concerns Is Moving In The Right Direction On Child Refugees

When the Government announced that no further child refugees would be brought over under the Dubs Scheme, we were deeply disappointed. We did not accept that there was only room for 400 vulnerable children, not when there are 217 local authorities with responsibility for safeguarding children. This is why we tabled an amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill.
09/03/2017 15:38 GMT

Labour's Desperate, Fear-Stoking Campaign In Copeland Deserves To Lose

The past week or so in Copeland has seen a Labour campaign that has made me angry and sad in equal measure. To see a mainstream political party - a party I respected - run a campaign quoting from unnamed midwifes saying 'mothers will die, babies will die, babies will be brain damaged' is simply disgusting.
21/02/2017 14:03 GMT

Our Opportunity To Break The Taboo And Talk About Baby Loss

There is no question that a miscarriage or the death of a baby are very difficult subjects to talk about. We don't like talking about death let alone the death of a baby. However it is only by talking about miscarriage, stillbirth and neo-natal death that we can start to address the underlying issues and causes and importantly ensure that the appropriate bereavement care is in place to support those who sadly lose a baby.
12/10/2016 09:31 BST

All Parents Deserve Mandatory Leave After The Loss Of A Child

Thinking about the parents of children over six months old, why should they not have the same protection in law as those that lose a baby under six months old? Upon losing a baby, the bereaved mother and father are entitled to full maternity and paternity leave. But if you were to lose an older child? Nothing. Surely this cannot be right.
06/09/2016 10:23 BST

'Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!'

Perhaps I am being naïve, perhaps British politics is too polarised and perhaps we will always be fighting across the political divide. But surely we can be civilised? Surely we can be respectful? Surely we can drop the name calling and the labelling as liars.
11/07/2016 09:50 BST