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Youssef El-Gingihy

GP & author of 'How to dismantle the NHS in 10 easy steps' out now. Huffington Post & The Independent | The Guardian | New Statesman

Youssef El-Gingihy is a GP working in Tower Hamlets. He studied medicine, neuroscience and English literature at Oxford University and completed his clinical studies at Guy’s, King’s & St Thomas’ in London. In 2016 he was selected for the Labour Party's 10 person NHS think tank, and appointed on to the executive of the National health action party. He has been working in the NHS since 2006.

Trump Won! Get Over It, Metropolitan Liberals

An avalanche of post-mortem election analysis is being unleashed. However, much of it seems to operate in a vacuum. There are various critiques of Trump. He may certainly be appalling and objectionable but there is a huge amount of hypocrisy at play here, which needs to be unmasked. Let's take the points one by one.
10/11/2016 13:13 GMT

Gary Lineker Presenting MOTD in His Pants, and Four Other Things That Could Happen Now Leicester Have Won the Title

Leicester winning the Premier League title is a fairy-tale come true. Over the course of an entire season, an unheralded club, largely unknown outside the UK, have consistently outplayed all comers and left Spurs, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man U & Chelsea all in their trail. It may signify that the constellations are aligned to generate a whole host of miracles.
04/05/2016 11:33 BST

Let HSBC Go, We Don't Need Them

So the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation have decided to stay put in the UK. Should we start the celebrations? Or perhaps we should put the champagne on ice. Because, wait for it, yes trickle-down economics doesn't actually work.
15/02/2016 23:18 GMT

The Hodge

Hodgkin's is rare - there are only 1600 or so new diagnoses in the UK each year. So I feel pretty unlucky. But then again it's not rare to get something. And in fact the lifetime incidence of Hodgkin's is in the region of one in 500.
04/12/2015 10:33 GMT

Back to the Future - How to Dismantle the NHS

What do the next five years hold for the NHS? The pre-election jamboree is quickly evaporating. The promise of billions more in funding now feels like a distant sound-bite. The Daily Telegraph recently set the tone with a front page headline in which Jeremy Hunt declared that the NHS now has enough money and will have to make do. However, all the talk on funding in the election debates completely missed the point.
30/07/2015 15:55 BST