31/01/2017 08:24 GMT | Updated 01/02/2018 05:12 GMT

A Letter To My Friend - I'm Sorry

Dear Friend,

I'm sorry that our friendship has changed.

I was naive to believe that becoming a parent wouldn't change me. For a while you were concerned but now I know you'll agree that it has had such a positive impact on my life. I've become a stronger person but I know it's been tough on us.

I'm sorry I don't see you as much.

There was a time when your nan should have really been charging me rent. It was a time of darkness and sadness but I always had you. Now we don't see as much of each other but it doesn't mean I don't value our friendship. We may not see each other every day or even speak on the phone but you're still my best friend!

I'm sorry if I'm boring.

Now that my life revolves around a tiny human, it's hard to think of what to say. I don't want to be the parent who waffles on about their kids but it's hard. You see I don't have much else going on in my life!

I'm sorry we don't have much in common.

Looking back we used to be so in sync. Even though our lives were at different stages they would still intertwine. Although now so much has changed. It's like I've been catapulted ahead, into the unknown. I know one day we'll be back on the same page but until then we'll have to keep making the effort to pop into each other's world.

I'm sorry if it takes me three days to reply to your text.

We both agree, I've never been the best at replying although I'm aware it now takes me even longer. It's not that you're unimportant or that I don't miss you. I just never realised how demanding children can be!

I'm sorry if you feel awkward.

Babies are scary and weird, I get that. Even after having a child of my own, hand me a random baby and I'll still panic! Don't worry, when he's older I'll send him over with a pack of plasticine and some crayon's and he can draw on your walls!

I'm sorry I wasn't at your hen do.

It was just bad timing, something which couldn't be helped but that doesn't mean I'm not sorry. I always thought we'd end up crazy drunk, sporting flashing learner plates and willy straws. I didn't picture myself staying home to take care of a newborn baby!

I'm sorry I wasn't your bridesmaid.

I always thought that I'd be by your side when you walked down the aisle. I know things didn't quite go to plan and I wish the timings had been different so I could have been up there with you. Although I may not have been part of the bridal party, I couldn't have been happier watching you marry the man of your dreams.

Times may change, there may be distance between us but no matter what I'll always value your friendship.

Love your best friend xx

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