best friends

A dad-of-two has opened up about the rush of emotions he feels when looking at photos of his youngest daughter and her best
Any family who owns a pet know that the bond between animals and their owners is different to any human relationship. Now
This time two years ago, I was training for my first marathon and having a meltdown. The problem wasn't physical (although there were plenty of aches, pains and a stress fracture, oh joy), and I wasn't unduly stressed about the mammoth run I was about to undertake.
Dear Friend, I'm sorry that our friendship has changed. I was naive to believe that becoming a parent wouldn't change me
Everyone has that one friend in their life who brings more drama and emotional baggage than an episode of Eastenders, and
Best friends are the person we rely on to send us cat GIFs when we are having a terrible day, or provide a shoulder to cry