Girl And Her Best Friend Prove Friendship Comes In All Shapes And Sizes


Any family who owns a pet know that the bond between animals and their owners is different to any human relationship.

Now one family has shared an adorable home video of their daughter and her donkey, who quite clearly are the best of friends.

The full video, which shows the anonymous girl going to visit her donkey, was only posted on Facebook on Friday but already has over 10,000 comments and 256,000 likes.

Commenter Claudia Gonzalez said: “Animals are amazing! We need to stop taking them for granted!!!”

Brandy Fisler added: “Once again more proof that animals are loving, loyal beings with feelings. I can’t stand when people say it’s just an animal or people’s lives are more important. We are all living breathing creatures who deserve a good, love filled life.”

Leaving us all wondering, maybe we should consider getting that pet after all?