08/12/2014 09:43 GMT | Updated 03/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Pregnant Woman Sticks It To Anti-Abortion Protesters

A video has been posted online of a heavily pregnant woman absolutely sticking it to anti-abortion protesters. She deserves a massive thank you and a high five from women everywhere! What a hero!

A video has been posted online of a heavily pregnant woman absolutely sticking it to anti-abortion protesters. She deserves a massive thank you and a high five from women everywhere! What a hero! This admirable woman tells these protesting nit-wits about a baby who had been abandoned at birth, found dead in a bin. She asks them whether they think it would have been better for that specific woman to have had an abortion if she was going to allow the baby to die anyway? Whatever situation the mother was in, mental health issues, abuse, drugs, surely it would have been better to have aborted the foetus rather than allowing a new born baby to die in tragic circumstances? It's one thing to be making conclusions and saying what would have been for the best, but the main issue here is simply; What the hell does a woman's decision to have an abortion have to do with these weirdos who hang out outside abortion clinics?

It takes a brave person sometimes to stand up for what you believe in and it just so happens that the fact that this lady was pregnant has helped the 'pro-choice' argument. The idea behind 'pro-choice' is just that - having a choice. This lady chose to have her baby - and all the luck in the world to her, she seems like she would be a fantastic role model - but as she says in the video, women and girls have abortions for all different reasons, poor financial situations, abuse, rape, or just out of choice. So who are these people (even worse in my opinion that there's a man stood there protesting when he doesn't even have a womb so i'd say that makes his medieval opinion void anyway) to tell women they shouldn't be having an abortion?

(Video from Sunny Hundal on YouTube)

Opinions on abortion aside, surely in 2014 we're educated enough to know that something like this is a personal choice. Those who support abortion wouldn't protest outside a mother and baby unit or somewhere similar, encouraging pregnant women to have an abortion, so why should they be allowed to do exactly that in reverse, when the decision is hard enough as it is? I respect their opinions - if you're against abortion, don't have one! If you're a man and you're against abortion - like the man in the video, recording everyone with his little camera going in and out of the clinic - then either don't have sex with a woman who agrees with abortion, or get yourself a vasectomy!

There's absolutely no place in Britain for this abhorrent intimidation. Abortion is safe and legal and so it should be. An abortion is a woman's choice, we're not living in times where if an accidental pregnancy occurs, whatever the situation, that the woman's life then has to revolve around an unwanted perhaps unloved child. Not everyone wants children, so if a woman who doesn't want kids, is raped, and falls pregnant, she'll probably be thankful for an abortion. For some women, a baby just isn't convenient. It sounds harsh but it's true. If you're on the pill or other contraception, then you're actively stopping yourself from getting pregnant, but as we know, these contraceptives aren't 100% effective. That doesn't mean that if the worst should happen (yes - it would be the worst if you didn't want a child) that you shouldn't have any option than to become a parent. The idea is ludicrous!

So what exactly are these protesters hoping to achieve apart from making already vulnerable, hormonal women and teenagers, feel even worse about themselves. Abortion isn't generally something that's rushed into. Women are given in-depth counselling before the final decision is made, to try to ensure they won't regret their decision, but being pregnant is a natural thing, so an emotional attachment is sometimes inevitable. That being said, can you provide for your child? Will having a child ruin how you wish to live your life? Were you the victim of abuse? and more to the point... Is a baby what you want right now? If you know the answers to these questions, then you'll probably be able to work out which option is best for you without being made to feel guilty by these intimidating morons who clearly have nothing better to do with their time than being confrontational towards people who disagree with their beliefs. These people, are a fine example of people who simply need to get over themselves.

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