They're not all oligarchs, but anti-Russian sentiment is rising.
Marina Ovsyannikova, an editor at Channel One, interrupted the network’s programme to tell viewers: "Don’t believe the propaganda."
As a convoy of vehicles clogs the Washington Beltway to protest fading vaccine mandates, they were met with disapproval from fellow drivers.
Yelena Osipova was forcibly removed from the crowds by a group of Russian riot police.
Police pushed back a crowd of protesters at the BBC's former headquarters.
The scenes in Bristol are an expression of anger at a failing government – and its plans to further silence dissent, writes journalist Alice O’Brien.
Sir Charles Walker explained “the act of protest is a freedom”.
Avon and Somerset Police have retracted claims that one officer was left with a broken arm and another suffered broken ribs.
Demonstrations can go ahead once “stay at home” rules expire near the end of the month, Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson says.
Policing of Sarah Everard vigil "should be a red warning light that the UK government should not be rushing through divisive laws”.