Abortion Rights

A new ad and events from Biden and Harris signal a new focus for the campaign.
The conservative-majority court opened the door to state-level abortion bans that could force people to continue with unsafe and unwanted pregnancies.
New leaked documents suggest the US Supreme Court may soon remove a person's right to have an abortion.
Campaigner Sarah Ewart described the Belfast High Court's ruling as a "massive victory" following a six-year fight.
The thousands of women who had to travel, the thousands who had to take pills from online, the hundreds of people who have told of their stories – this is for you, writes Alliance for Choice's Emma Campbell
Milano's call to withhold sex over attacks on abortion rights reveals a deep divide on what's an acceptable means of fighting the patriarchy. But in war, all bets are off and you bring every tool at your disposal
She was speaking in response to a new abortion law signed in Georgia, US, this week.
The deafening yes from the public meant it was all worth it: the sleepless nights, the missed meals, the abandoned family and friends, the cruelty and lack of empathy from those campaigning for a no, which we bore with a smile and carried on
We must make sure the new law for which we've waited so long gives women genuine access to the care they need