04/12/2014 12:48 GMT | Updated 02/02/2015 05:59 GMT

The British Pornography Ban

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It's true, several types of porn have actually been banned in Britain. We're not talking life-endangering porn - unless female ejaculation is classed as dangerous, I suppose if you squirted in someone's eye, they could go blind, but as women might know, getting certain bodily fluids in your eye might be painful, but it soon wears off.

Surely banning these types of porn within the British porn industry is just going to mean that people who are into 'water-sports' and strangulation, will just watch non-British porn? There are definitely massive issues with the pornography industry but I don't think many of the 'problems' addressed are really issues at all. Revenge porn may be one of the styles that we need to look at. Considering that seeing things like this may encourage men (or women) to behave like this in real life, but even then, don't men have control over their actions just the same as women? Just because their taste in pornography might be seen by some as being slightly sinister, it doesn't mean that the porn directors, or actors are justifying this violence in real life. Should we really be patronising men to the point of suggesting they can't differentiate between right and wrong in real life because they've watched 'revenge or rape' porn?

There are arguments on the contrary for the banning of these types of porn. Videos and photographs which encourage violence towards women can only be a negative thing and discouraging violence towards women is clearly more important than bashing one out. That being said... shouldn't we, as fully functioning, moral adults, be able to make a conscious decision as to whether we wish to view this type of content? Especially as it's acting and not the real thing?


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All of this information aside; this isn't even the issue in hand. The government have banned porn that might come under the category of 'abuse,' but they have also banned things that can be strictly sexual rather than violent, such as; spanking, caning, verbal abuse and whipping. I'm sorry what? How are they even allowed to do this? Isn't this essentially censorship? If someone wants to frig over a bit of verbal abuse and female ejaculation, then who are the Conservative government to tell them they can't? Am I alone in thinking this is not only a backward move for freedom and feminism, but also... just a little bit odd?