28/12/2014 21:22 GMT | Updated 27/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Rather the Cruciatus Curse, Than Fox Hunting

The 'Cruciatus Curse' is a particularly evil form of magic created by J.K.Rowling in her Harry Potter books and films. The use of this 'unforgivable' curse along with two others is probably one of the worst things you could ever do in your life as a witch or wizard and in my opinion, it's perfectly fair to compare this to fox hunting. The absolutely detestable, abhorrent blood sport which is now thankfully banned in the UK, however, not for long if the Conservatives or UKIP have their way. This is literally the only thing I can think of in popular culture that's comparable to fox hunting. Laugh, you may.

I would gladly stand for hours in the freezing cold at Westminster to protest this ban being

revoked and I'm sure I'm not alone. There is absolutely no place in 2015 for such barbaric

practice! Those who take part in the events should be down-right ashamed of themselves.

To even be able to take part in such a disgusting practice is in my opinion inhuman. Our

instincts are to be caring and compassionate and as a country who are avid pet lovers, I

can't comprehend that there are still people who are happy to have this ban removed.



Foxes may very well be pests and everyone appreciates that especially in the countryside,

these animals can be very destructive, especially for farms, so why not deal with them the

same way people deal with other pests? Shoot them, if it's practical, poison them? I don't

like the idea of any animal being killed but surely there's a more humane way of getting the job

done than hunting these beautiful animals, chasing them to within an inch of their lives,

absolutely terrifying them, then letting them be torn apart by a pack of dogs?

Just take a moment to actually realise what these animals must feel. If you can't empathise,

can you at least sympathise? Wake up and realise that no more brutality is needed in the

world, whether it be towards people or animals.