fox hunting

More than 400 people have been prosecuted since the legislation was passed in 2010.
We shouldn’t be surprised by Johnson’s affinity with stuck-up twits riding roughshod over everything and knocking things over without noticing, let alone caring. This is how he lives his life, writes Chas Newkey-Burden
BBC Springwatch presenter linked incident to his anti-hunt views, saying 'unpleasant things happen' to people who speak against bloodsports.
More than 80 meets are believed to be taking place across the course of the day
Tory leadership candidate's position branded "shocking" by Labour.
Tory leadership hopeful signals support for free vote in parliament.
Wannabe Prime Minister signals support for free vote in parliament.
Oliver had claimed he relocated the two fox cubs to the wild.
Fox hunting was meant to have been banned in 2002 but loopholes in the law mean that hunting still takes place