19/11/2012 10:36 GMT | Updated 16/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Have Barcelona Forgotten What 'Mes Que un Club' Means?

With talk of signing Brazilian starlet Neymar, building a brand new stadium and a mega-money shirt sponsor, it seems President Sandro Rosell is forgetting the principles behind the famous slogan 'Mes Que un Club'.

Simply translated in English, it means 'More than a Club'. A title that has seperated Barcelona from its rivals in recent seasons for many reasons, but as times change and finances grow harder to control, Barca have been forced to sacrifice some of those principles that made them 'More'.

From 2006, the year in which they famously beat Arsenal 2-1 to win the Champions League for a second time in Paris, Barcelona announced that they would be wearing the logo of UNICEF on their shirt and they would do so for no fee.

It would become the first time in the club's history they would have a sponsor on the front of the famous Blaugrana shirt but sticking to the principles of that already mentioned slogan, the club did this as a gesture, a dedication to a charity that works endlessly to help children across the world.

For fans of the club who were against a name on the shirt, it became a whole lot easier knowing that the club were doing this out of kindness and charity, they purchased the shirt and wore it with added pride.

After five seasons with UNICEF on the shirt, the club would then announce that they would be replacing the logo with that of Qatar Foundation and would be receiving a mega-money package of around £170m spread over six years.

Fans of the club hit back and shirt sales fell, even though the club kept the UNICEF logo on the shirt, well on the back, smaller and if, tucked in to shorts, hardly visible.

A year on and it is reported that the foundation will now be replaced by Qatar Airways. Another move that will surely anger those fans that are still against the removal of UNICEF.

A new stadium......

If you have ever been to the Camp Nou, you will have been greeted with a structure similar to that of an NCP car park. The cemented old building has graffiti on its walls, chewing gum stuck to ceilings and old fashioned facilities but it does contain history. Some of football's greatest and most important history.

A decision by Rosell to review the stadium's facilities and discuss improvements has since led to talk of building a new stadium, one to replace the old and mirror that of Manchester City's Etihad or the Dallas Cowboys' Cowboy Stadium.

Whilst, this is sensible and would ultimately improve a fans experience, it would also take away the iconic and historic feel that the Camp Nou has.

A decision is yet to be made on this but if a new stadium is built, don't expect the club to sell out from the beginning, especially considering they fail to fill the Camp Nou as it is now. Plus, those fans who were angered and still are by the shirt deal won't be to impressed if as reported a mega-money company have naming rights.

Neymar signing....

By now you should be well aware of Neymar, if your not then you really need to change sports. The Brazilian is without doubt one of the most talented footballers around and with that talent comes obvious interest from Europe's top clubs.

Barcelona are the number one favourites to sign the Santos forward with Rosell reportedly having paid £10m to have first refusal but yet again the club seem to be forgetting what 'Mes Que un Club' stands for.

For years, the club have been known for their use of young players, players who learnt their trade at the famous La Masia youth complex but in recent seasons and most notably now, they have made silly signings as a quick resolution rather than giving youngsters a chance.

Tito Vilanova signed Alex Song over the summer as a back-up centre back despite having youngster Andreu Fontas and Marc Bartra waiting in the wings.

Chances came for Song following injuries to Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol but as Song's adaptation to the role became too risky, Bartra was drafted in. Money wasted? Would that be similar to Neymar's arrival?

Probably not due to the Brazilian's talent but as Pep Guardiola was so keen to do, the club should keep faith in those players that have played for and trained with the club since a young age.

If Barca introduce Qatar Airways, a new stadium and sign Neymar, what will the reaction be?

Whilst things may be brilliant on the field for Barcelona at present, those fans that have been a part of the club through its incredible history will get the sense of feeling that their club is no longer 'More than a club' but more so 'Just another club'.