Fighting has resumed with renewed intensity after the week-long truce.
Tennis star praised for supporting Unicef’s humanitarian appeal.
The Tory MP sparked anger by accusing the UN agency of "playing politics" with its £25,000 donation to a London community project.
New figures from UNICEF estimate that half a million children in the UK are not vaccinated against measles. Worldwide, the figure is closer to 169 million. Children need two doses of the vaccine to protect them against the disease. However, poor health systems and a rising amount of scepticism about vaccines has led to a drop in those being given the dosage.
It is time for everyone to stand up and speak out. Let us protect children. Enough is enough. Stop attacks on children now.
Until the Government fixes immigration rules, we will continue to see the footage of children crammed onto dinghies or clinging onto lorries. No child should have to do this
Violence, protests and unrest are daily occurrences witnessed by the 7,000 children that have arrived on the Greek islands since January
Growing up in a safe and clean environment is a right for every child. We wouldn’t give our children dirty water to drink, so why is it acceptable for them to breathe toxic air?
It’s been a year since a wave of violence forced hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people out of Myanmar into neighbouring Bangladesh. The Muslim minority had experienced discrimination and violence for years before. But with 380,000 children in refugee camps, UNICEF is warning of a “lost generation” without access to aid or education.
As Europe and North Africa tighten their borders, Niger is bearing the brunt of the ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ policies of richer countries