15/11/2011 08:11 GMT | Updated 14/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Say Hello To The Dø

Olivia Merilahti is Finnish. Dan Levy is French. Thankfully, they managed to find each other (when they worked together on a movie soundtrack in 2005 in case you're asking) because the result is The Dø, an indie pop duo whose new album Both Ways Open Jaws is released in the UK this week. And it's great - a mix of beautiful melodies, bleeps and Olivia's dainty but versatile voice. Oh - and the band name is pronounced dough (although it's more 'music-y' than that, something to do with the first sound in a scale).

Here are five reasons why I think you should check them out...

Right at the very beginning of the album, you hear Olivia take a breath to start singing in the wrong place.

"It was an accident when I recorded it," says Olivia. "But then we decided to keep it because it makes sense. That's how you feel, that kind of hesitation. It was an interesting introduction for us to a new album. I like to keep accidents.

They are big on sounds.

"We record a lot of percussions and sounds. We also have them on stage, kitchen pots and pans. We keep a bank of our own sounds. My favourite sound? I love sprinklers. You know, the automatic sprinklers (does a perfect impression of water sprinklers). Dan's favourite sound would be, like, strong wind in a microphone when you play outside. When you record things in a storm."

Olivia has said she sings like a 7-year-old boy.

"(laughs) Did I say that? I don't know why I said that. I feel I maybe try to marvel at things maybe in a childish way. I think Dan has the same approach. My voice keeps changing all the time. If I stretch for two hours, I would sing like a 60-year-old woman."

They think it's important to eat well. For creativity's sake.

"[For my perfect meal] I'd have raw fish, wholewheat pasta with coriander, sesame seeds, seaweed and some ketchup."

Despite being very cool, their Continental roots means they don't mind a bit of the old "nil point".

I've always loved the Eurovision Song Contest as a proper Finnish person, you know? I want to compete for Finland. I want them to win again. They're terrible. They won only once, but they take it so seriously. They won five or six years ago with a terrible death metal band who were dressed like clowns. Like monster clowns. It was so much fun. Finland had a national day. I always secretly watch it.