19/06/2015 09:15 BST | Updated 18/06/2016 06:59 BST

Charleston's Dylann Roof Is a Terrorist - It's Time the Media Starts Calling Him That

I felt sick to my stomach when I heard the news about the shooting in Charleston which targeted innocent African Americans. The gunman, 21 year old Dylann Roof had been planning this terrorist attack for six months according to his room mate. It's strange to think that nearly 50 years since African Americans were given the vote in the USA that they are still being targeted by disgusting human being. The worst thing is that this happened in a church, the House of God, where everybody is supposed to feel safe. It wasn't on the streets and these people weren't thugs like the media tries to make every victim of racist shootings to be.

If Dylann Roof was a Muslim teenager then without a doubt he would be called a terrorist. But the media is calling him the 'Charleston gunman' which sounds like a horrid dystopian crime villain. Roof isn't just a shooter or an instigator of a hate crime. He is a terrorist. He's a terrorist like the Boston Marathon Bombers. He committed a terrorist attack like the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris. The media have to stop treating white people involved in events like this as any different. Roof committed an unforgiveable act of terror and therefore should be branded with that title for the rest of his life.

The USA's useless gun laws played a part again in causing yet another gun attack. According to reports for his 21st Birthday, Roof wasn't given a card, a watch or even money. He was given a gun. This gun then went on to be the weapon used in the massacre. What kind of person in the first place thinks that it would be a good idea to give a racist, drug using, young adult a gun? Barack Obama needs to stop attacks like Charleston and Sandy Hook happening by taking immediate action and banning the easy consumption of guns. It is becoming more and more of a necessity in this day and age. There have been so many awful attacks in recent history - haven't the USA learnt by now that guns create fear and cause damage rather than creating safety and protection? Guns are not toys, they're weapons. We live in a culture where acts of violence are viewed as a form of entertainment. It's time that something is done about that so potentially vulnerable people can be protected from terrorists like Dylann Roof.

I am thinking of all those in Charleston, South Carolina and the USAnwho have been left with so much pain and sorrow due to this attack committed by the terrorist that is Dylann Roof. It is important that we all take the time to reflect on what has happened this week.

Your hearts should go out to the families of Reverend Clementa Pinckney, Cynthia Hurd and Tywanza Sanders. Your thoughts should be of those close to Sharonda Singleton, Myra Thompson and Ethel Lance. Your prayers should be for Susie Jackson, the Reverend Daniel Simmons and DePayne Doctor.