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Have You Taken the Stress Test? How Stressed Are You?

Because stress is something that is highly personable and difficult to gauge, there are few clear and cut rules on what stress is and how it can be successfully diagnosed. This being said, there are some good guidelines that would indicate your current stress levels and if you need to bring them back into conscious balance.

Because stress is something that is highly personable and difficult to gauge, there are few clear and cut rules on what stress is and how it can be successfully diagnosed. This being said, there are some good guidelines that would indicate your current stress levels and if you need to bring them back into conscious balance.

Be honest with your answers and choose the one that best suits your immediate emotional response.

Question 1. Time is limited; I rarely complete my daily tasks and as a result lay awake at night thinking about it...

1. This is never the case; I sleep well and complete the majority of my daily goals with ease. 0 Points

2. I take on more than I can chew and mostly to blame for my packed diary and lack of sleep. 1 Point

3. It's rare that I finish all of my daily tasks, I feel overwhelmed and under pressure, but there is nothing I can do. 3 Points

Question 2. When travelling, I become stressed and anxious when others get in my path or are slower than I would normally travel...

1. I don't worry about it, they have the right to move at their own pace, and I manage delays into my journey. 0 Points

2. I find this mildly frustrating but don't let it affect me. 2 Points

3. This constantly bugs me; I become frustrated and really want to say something about their inability to recognize that I am in a rush. 4 Points

Question 3. I feel the need to constantly win at whatever I do, even if another is negatively affected by my actions...

1. I don't feel the need to win, for me it's about teamwork and the enjoyment I get from my experiences and journey. 0 Points

2. I like winning because I'm competitive but would never allow a situation to get out of hand and my enthusiasm negatively affect another. 2 Points

3. I feel the need to win, I hate loosing and experience mood swings if I don't get what I want. 5 Points

Question 4. I can't concentrate on one specific task, my mind is completing several different things at the same time and nothing gets finished...

1. I always finish everything I've started and carefully manage my time so this rarely happens. 0 Points

2. I've always been like this; I like keeping myself active, it's part of me. 1 Point

3. I find difficulty in making decisions, unable to concentrate and forget important tasks on a regular basis. 3 Points

Question 5. When communicating with someone, I find it difficult to focus on what they are saying, usually finishing their sentences for them...

1. I welcome the opportunity to stop what I'm doing and talk with others, I allow them to finish their sentences. 0 Points

2. I try and escape conversations when I'm busy by being honest about my time restrictions. 2 Points

3. It's increasingly hard to listen to others, my mind is full and racing with thoughts, I usually leave the conversation without remembering what was said or agreed. 4 Points

Question 6. Throughout the day, I rely heavily on stimulants to keep my attention levels peaked...

1. I rarely drink coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol or use nicotine to keep myself alert. 0 Points

2. I enjoy the occasional drink if I'm feeling a little tired, but wouldn't consider myself dependent. 2 Points

3. I wake up and immediately need a caffeine fix, I regularly use stimulants to get me through the day; if I fail to get my hit, I become moody and irritable. 5 Points

Question 7. My body feels lethargic with an increase of aches and pains around my neck, shoulders and back...

1. I've not noticed anything any different in my body, everything seems normal, and I'm able to relax in the evening without any conscious thought. 0 Points

2. The only aches and pains I have are from past injuries so they are to be expected, they are a little uncomfortable however manageable. 1 Point

3. I've noticed an increase in aches and pains over the last few months; I feel tense even when trying to relax, nothing seems to be able to reduce my muscle tension or stress levels. 3 Points

Question 8. I bury my head in the sand and hope that any negative financial situations will disappear...

1. I don't have any worries or concerns because I carefully manage my finances on a month-by-month basis. 0 Points

2. Things are a little difficult at the moment but I've got a management plan in place. 2 Point

3. I'm not sure what's happening with my finances, I'm struggling but keep going in the hope that they will resolve on their own with time. 4 Points

Question 9. I don't take care of my body and consume more saturated fats than I should...

1. I consciously eat a clean and healthy diet, as I understand that nutrition plays a fundamental role over my ability to manage stress. 0 Points

4. I eat a good diet high in minerals and nutrients but occasionally treat myself to something naughty. 2 Points

2. My diet consists of packet ready meals, mostly high in saturated fats, fizzy drinks and lacks less than 60% organic wholefoods. 5 Points

Question 10. I don't have stress; stress is a weakness...

1. I understand that stress is natural state and I accept that I may have it some of the time, but consciously look after my stress levels through adequate exercise, nutrition and relaxation. 0 Points

2. I stress more than I should but overall manage my stress levels weekly by consciously taking part in activities that reduce levels. 1 Points

3. I consider stress to be a weakness, I've identified that I may have stress but have taken the choice to see how things pan out. 5 Points

Most people will experience stressful situations throughout their day; it's how we deal with those situations that determine how long we are able to keep functioning at those stress levels. Once you've totaled the number of points, take a conscious choice about whether you can afford to deny yourself the action needed to reduce your stress levels.

0 - 5: You've got stress management nailed... your stress management plan is working. No further action needed.

5 - 12: Stress is something that you accept is've implemented some things that will reduce stress levels but feel that it's circumstance that is the major contributing factor behind your stress levels.

12 - 18: You have moderately high levels of stress... you're likely to do nothing about your stress levels, but beware stress related illnesses are serious, you have the ability to change before things progress any further.

18 + You're stressed but you knew this already...It's recommended that you take action today to reduce your stress levels, focus on nutrition, fitness and overall well-being. Failure to take action will result in an almost certain "behavioral" burst.

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